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A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4) - Shadow of Night - Deborah Harkness

Fellow BookLikesers, I hit a serious reading slump.


My year had been going so well.  By the end of March I was already ahead of target to achieve my annual reading goal of 120 copies, well on my way to a stellar reading year.  Then . . .


I slumped.


What started it may have been that I read a couple books for work . . . and even though I liked them ok, I just didn't FEEL like reading those books, I was forcing myself to read them.  Then I started A Feast for Crows, to try and stay ahead of the GOT show--I don't watch it, but wanted to keep up so if I heard spoilers for the show, I'd already be past that point in the books.  The book is REALLY FREAKING SLOW.  I was so bored out of my mind reading it that on my commute, I often chose to stare out the window of my train for 70 minutes rather than slog through another chapter. 


I decided to set aside the Martin and come back to it later, but then had the ill fortune to choose a couple books in a row that were underwhelming enough I couldn't finish them.


Only recently did I start pulling myself together.  Only now that I've finally started Shadow of Night do I finally feel right again.  I feel the same interest and absorption I usually feel when I'm sucked into a story. 


It's nice to have my groove back.