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Gabriel's Ghost - Linnea Sinclair, Megan Sybil Baker Games of Command - Linnea Sinclair The Down Home Zombie Blues - Linnea Sinclair

Though I'm as into popular, bestselling books as the next gal, I think it's a special feeling to discover an underrated gem, an author or book that didn't break out and land on everyone's radar.  Every Friday I will post about one of mine.


Linnea Sinclair


Do you like science fiction?  Do you like romance?  If you love BOTH THOSE THINGS, Linnea Sinclair may be an author you should try.  She writes freakin' awesome, RITA-award-winning futuristic novels full of action, suspense, cool SF, and romance.  GAMES OF COMMAND is a personal favorite of mine, though her most famous book is probably GABRIEL'S GHOST, which I haven't yet read (I must pick that out of the TBR pile soon).  If you like Lois McMaster Bujold but want something a little more romancy and less dark, Linnea Sinclair's books would fit the bill.