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Criminally Underrated Friday

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Though I'm as into popular, bestselling books as the next gal, I think it's a special feeling to discover an underrated gem, an author or book that didn't break out and land on everyone's radar.  Every Friday I will post about one of mine.


Today's entry is one of my VERY FAVORITE CRIME AUTHORS WHOSE BOOKS I LOVE WITH ALL THE LOVES.  Like Erin Hart, S. J. Rozan is not unknown, but definitely deserves to be more widely read.  In addition to a few standalones, she writes a wonderful series featuring Private Investigators Lydia Chin and Bill Smith, alternating between their perspectives with each book (so one book will be told entirely from Lydia's perspective, and the next from Bill's).  The protagonists are deeply appealing, individually and as a duo, and the mysteries are smart and always involve a new industry, ranging from construction to fashion to high school football.  They're not cozy, but aren't gruesome or dark either.  If you enjoy mysteries that are strong in character as well as plot, give this series a try.  I think it would appeal to fans of Louise Penny (whose novels I also adore).