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My Bookshelf is a Hydra

Hello Booklikes, I'm so happy to have joined this website and community!


So I'm facing something that any book afficionado dreads: packing for a move.  I began a couple weeks ago, have spent hours and hours, boxes and boxes packing my things for an upcomming move to Casa SaraHope. After all this effort, I still haven't even managed to box up all of my own books, much less those of the Dear Fiance! 


Collectively, we two have a problem.  And that problem is, as my mother says, that "books are very deceptive -- they seem to multiply once you need to pack them up."  You know that scene in Harry Potter where they're robbing Bellatrix Lestrange's vault at Gringots, and the contents begin to multiply when touched?  My bookshelf is doing that.


So wish me luck, fair Booklikes community. I'm going to need more boxes.