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Why I Always Carry a Book

The Dear Fiance is going under the knife tomorrow, and I'm his designated driver home since he'll be loopy from anesthesia.  I'm already planning what to bring to entertain myself during the wait, and this made me realize in just how many locations and situations having a book on-hand is critical.  My Top 5:


1. The train or subway -- Why spend all that useful time staring into space or avoiding awkward eye contact with other passengers?  Stick your nose in a book!


2. Waiting rooms of all sorts -- Many professionals and service people (ahem Doctors ahem) seem chronically unable to stay on schedule, leaving their customers waiting for ages. 


3. Airplanes -- Not only for the plane ride itself, but for all the time spent waiting at airports due to layovers, delays, etc.  I spend serious time contemplating how many books to bring for air travel, usually 2-3.


4. Lines -- At the grocery store, bank, Walmart (especially Walmart), you can luck out with a short wait, but should be prepared for a long one.


5. Vacation -- My vacations tend to be pretty active, but I always think it's best to have a book or five handy for down time.


In short, when it comes to books, I say make like a Boy Scout and "Be Prepared."